Thursday, May 22, 2008

Tons of fun

I just discovered this great toy website that has everything weird. It's called McPhee, and it's got every great psychiatry action figure known to man. It's even got a sky-diving Freud. Who doesn't need a sky-diving Freud? are some of my favorite selections from the site.

The crazy cat lady. We all know of one of these. WhereI grew up, I went to school with the crazy cat lady's son. She was in the paper once for having well over two hundred cats and burning their corpses in her backyard when they'd die.

I wonder what Freud would say to people sucking on his head. I wonder what he would say about the fact that his head is watermelon-flavored.

I love narwhals, just because they're so silly looking. And what could be sillier than a narwhal inpaling a cute baby seal?

Back in the day, women would ingest sterilized tape worms as a form of weight control. Well, turns out that wasn't so safe, but now you can pretend you're ingesting a tape worm for weight control while actually ingesting a pure-sugar tape worm that's adding to your waist-line. It's ironic, folks!