Monday, May 19, 2008


So, I was slacking off at work, reading consumerist, and came across an article about the NYC Subway system. That's right, the MTA. My arch nemesis. I live in close proximity to two trains: the 181st Street A train and the 181st Street 1/9 train. I much prefer the A train because a) it's express, b) it's closer than the 1/9. To get down to the tracks, however, you need to either take an escalator down six stories, or, when it's not working, which is more often the case, take the stairs. Alternately, you could take the 1/9, where you're forced to take these large-bathroom-sized elevators, jammed with about thirty people, down several stories deep into the underbelly of Washington Heights. These elevators are your only option. There are no stairs. Those elevators are slow, hot, and extremely claustrophobic. The broken-down escalators at the A are much preferable.

Now, for my proof of how the MTA is evil. I snagged the following snippet from the article on consumerist entitled "Pregnant? Ashtmatic? Don't like Rollercoasters? Stay Away From NYC Elevators and Escalators".

The worst offender is the 181st St station for the 1, 9 trains. As passengers familiar with the station know, you have to take giant elevators several stories underground to reach the subway lines, and they suffered over 100 breakdowns last year. The article highlights one breakdown where 15 people, including two women who began to suffer from asthma attacks, were trapped for 40 minutes last summer. The same elevator "had broken down five times in the eight days leading up to the event. Each time, mechanics came, made minor adjustments and put the machine back in service — only to have it break down again." After the 15 people were let out, the elevator was put back in service, only to break down again later that afternoon.

Ha ha! And ha, even. Take that, MTA! Proof! Proof that you're a whole mess 'o incompetent jackasses! You're not just out to get me, you're out to get everyone! With your fare hikes, and your sleeping booth workers, and your nasty, nasty perverts hiding on the trains.