Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Get in my belly! Take 2...

A while ago, I posted a video of a woman who was making a life-like, life-sized baby cake, where I pontificated on who in their right minds would want to cut into an infant and eat it.

Well, here's my follow-up. This dude named Kittiwat Unarrom makes body-part shaped bread out of a bakery in Thailand. The bread is made out of some tasty stuff, but it's just a little too realistic looking for my taste. Although this would be a fabulous gift to send to my step-mother for her birthday. A severed bread-head would be perfect for her. Is that mean?

And then, then, as though bread limbs weren't enough, the Japanese just had to one-up the dude. They've invented something called the Cannibal Banquet.
This weird, paper-mache body is filled with food mixed with red sauce. Further red sauce is married with the paper-mache body, so that when it's rolled out to the table on a hospital gurney and the host cuts into it, the body bleeds.

Seriously? Are they so desperate for weirder food than poisonous puffer fish sperm sacks or whole, live octopus that they're branching out to humans, too?

Makes me appreciate that the weirdest we do is alligator and the occasional water rat. Maybe a fried bug or two. Ick.