Friday, May 9, 2008

Jean Chambers is a fish.

I easily have the best boss in the world. He’s sweet, brilliant, indulgent and treats me like the princess I am. He is also lovably eccentric. So yesterday, as I was walking out the college doors, I see him riding his bicycle in circles, waiting for the light to change, the light dangling from the top of his helmet blinking merrily.

I suddenly flashbacked to college, walking up the hill on campus. My philosophy professor, Jean Chambers, bless her heart, was riding her bicycle down the hill, ringing her bell like crazy, one foot on the pedal, the other kicking at a very large Rottweiler that was keeping pace with her and barking its massive head off. I would have been worried about Jean Chambers’ safety, except that the dog was a local, owned by the hooka shop guy, and we all knew it to be an elderly dog with no teeth.

Later that week, my friend bought a beta fish. She named it Jean Chambers. Coincidentally, the very next week after that, we were studying logic in class, and the example given to us by the teacher:

Jean Chambers is a fish.
All fish can fly.
Therefore Jean Chambers can fly.

We thought it was hilarious.

Dude, give me a break. I was seventeen. I wasn’t that deep. So sue me.