Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Smells so good...you wanna eat me

You know how they say that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach? Well, I believe that's partially true. When I was in college, my best friend was a man. We hung out with this girl, and one day he said to me, "She smelled like apples. I just wanted to sit closer and closer to her because she was making my mouth water. Now, every time I see apples, I think of her." This made me realize that the way to a man's heart is in fact through his stomach, via the nasal passages. Therefore, the vast majority of the fragrances I wore were food-based. Over the past five years since college, I've developed a refined palate as far as food-based fragrances go. Here are my favorites.

Chocolovers perfume by Aquolina. The only bottle of perfume I've ever used in its entirety and had to replace. I swear to god, it will make you smell like tootsie rolls. Available at Sephora.
This is Buttercream Vanilla room spray. This stuff smells like frosting. Seriously. It makes you want to lick the air. I spray this around my desk, and I can hear people in the adjacent offices say, "does someone have cake?". I'm not a big fan of diffusers, but the spray, so worth it. From Pier 1.
Red velvet cake is actually a chocolate cake with red food coloring in it. Its history, however, states that the red coloring originally came from beets, which were used in lieu of sugar. Today's cakes, however, are just plain chocolate with food dye thrown in. Plus cream cheese frosting. Mmmm....cream cheese froasting. Yummy. Philosophy makes a line of food-scented bath products. Other goodies include coconut frosting and raspberry sorbet. Also available at Sephora.
This fragrance from Demeter is Sugar Cookie. It makes you smell like Sugar Cookies. 'Nuff said. The line also comes with such goodies as Mojito, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Fresh Cotton, Plain Soap and Dirt. Also available at Sephora.

Now, keep in mind that I tend towards confections, whereas some girls prefer fruity fragrances. That's fine, so long as you pick an identifiable fruit. I try to get my perfumes and sprays to smell as close to the real thing as possible. I don't think guys want to be smelling women who reak of artificial fruit cocktail. Just my opinion.

Use with caution, however. Licking may occur.


Vickie said...

Hey girlie! My daughter also is a "food smell" kinda gal, so I got her Cotton Candy body spray from Body Fantasies.. mucho yummy o