Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Yay...the House grew a backbone...Yay!

Soooo....yesterday the House of Representatives failed to pass the $700 BILLION bailout plan, followed by back pats all around. Good job on not passing that bill, representatives! Good job listening to your public. Today, the bill's going to be voted on in the Senate. (Maybe I wasn't paying attention in government class during high school, but doesn't a bill need to be passed by the House before it gets voted on in the Senate?) The Senate is saying that the public doesn't want the bill passed because they don't understand it, because we don't see how it'll benefit us, only the big wigs of Wall Street, 'cause, you know, the public is STOOPIT.

Well, here's the thing, Senate. Just speaking for myself here, but it's not that I only think the plan will bail out the big wigs on Wall Street, it's that I don't think these big money lenders like Freddie and Fanny should be able to do whatever the hell they want and think that if they fuck up, the government will come waltzing in to bail their asses out of trouble. They fucked up? Great. Let them pay the consequences.

A lot of my friends are pissy because they have a lot of money invested in the market. Dude. Now's a great time to invest in the market. You know how LOW it is? You know eventually - maybe not immediately - the market will rise again. And people who invested in it now? Made in the shade, baby. That's, of course, only if the companies in which you invest don't go bankrupt in the meanwhile.