Monday, October 6, 2008

Guilty Pleasure?

I will admit that I'm addicted to television. And yes, while I watch a buttload of documentaries, there is some tv which I'm embarrassed to say I watch. And in lieu of the boredom currently threatening, here's a list of my guilty television pleasures.

**Side note: do you care about what I watch? Probably not. Do I care that you don't care? Nope. My blog. Don't like it, go suck a furry fruit, loser.

Chelsea Handler is the host of late-night talk shoe Chelsea Lately, which is the female, humerous version of...well...just about every late-night talk show out there. She's hilarious, loves vodka, self-deprecating, and gorgeous. She admits when she's been wrong, and has a cute, Mexican, midget side-kick. And no, I'm not embarrassed of this one.

Family Guy, written by the same guy who wrote Spawn, is centered around this entirely dysfunctional family that makes The Simpsons look boring and one-dimensional. I got hooked by the sheer shock value of the comedy. I'm not ashamed of watching this one, either.

I like Mythbusters on Discovery because it makes me able to contradict know-it-alls. And they blow stuff up. Nope, still not embarrassed.

Oh, Chuck. Oh, how do I love thee? Geeky, nerdy, clever, I LURVE this show so much.

Gamers are still nerds, though, and not in a good way.

And no, don't feel guilty about this one.

Girls Next Door is a reality show centered around Hugh Heffner's bimbette girlfriends. I hate Holly (fake) and Kendra (obviously disgusted by Hef), but there's more to Bridgette than meets the eye. She has several masters degrees.

And yes, I am mildly embarrassed that I watch this.

I started watching Law and Order: SVU after meeting Ice T while they were filming outside the school at which I used to teach, and wouldn't you know, I actually enjoyed the show. Best acting out of all the L&O franchises.
Nope, no shame here.

I love House. I wish I could marry House. So sexy in a dirty, douche bag kinda way.

I watch him with pride.

Bones is about a forensic anthropologist, a career in which I had been extremely interested as a child. (you can form whatever opinions about my personality from that as you will). Honestly, I started watching Bones simply for David Boreanaz (Oh, Angel, how I miss you), but wouldn't you know, it's a fabulous show. Makes me seem almost normal.

Best Week Ever on Fridays on VH1 lets me scorn all the losers out there along with D-list comedians. How could I be embarrassed about that?

Nope, still not ashamed. I love this show. If you don't love this show, you have no sense of humor.
Yes, I watch Project Runway. Shut up.

A show about a serial killer. I still have a hard time seeing the actor who plays Dexter as anything other than a homosexual funeral parlor owner (ala Six Feet Under). Great show. I like watching it on my Ipod while at the gym.

I just recently got into this show about Henry VIII. I still can't decide with whom my loyalties lay. Henry? Kind of a prick. Anne? Kind of a bitch. Katherine? Pitiful.

I love this show, and it's history. If I'd watched this show in high school, I probably would have done better in European History.

I caught The Ex List this past Friday, and was amazingly surprised. I'm a bit shocked that I like it so much, and know I'll be the recipient of scorn as a result, but I don't care.

Shows that I love that I wish had never been cancelled:

Rome, My So-Called Life, Freaks and Geeks, Buffy the Vampire Slayer (shut up), Oz

Huh. I'm not as embarrassed as I thought I'd be. I am embarrassed about the almost 12 hours I have allotted each week to shows, not counting the random documentaries I watch along with them.