Saturday, October 25, 2008

Perhaps I should clarify...

As I've posted about before, I publish nasty comments towards myself because I appreciate the fact that everyone is allowed their own opinion. The post directly before this one, in which I picked on another person's blog, while, yes, linking to said blog, because let's be honest, mockery is best shared with company, brought forth this comment from an oh-so-brave anonymous commenter:

Man. Maybe you should get checked out for your totally irrational level of hatred and disgust for a fictional person. She's a character thousands of people apparently like to read - including you. And you're not only reading it but POSTING about it and linking to it. That's just weird.

Firstly, let's not assume I like to read her blog. I don't. Hence my mentioning that someone had just linked me to it that very day. Secondly, I feel scorn towards the writer of the blog. As is my right. The writer of her blog admits that it's idiotic and pathetic, so it's not like I'm saying anything she doesn't already know. My "irrational hatred and disgust" isn't towards the author of the blog, it's towards ALL women who act like sniveling little shits in love with a man but without the balls to do anything about it. And did I at any point tell people not to read the blog? No. Did I make fun of people for reading the blog? No. In fact, as you so astutely pointed out, I linked to it.

People got shit to say about my blog? Dude, it's my blog. Don't like it, don't read it. If I hurt your feelings...I'm not sorry. It's my right to say whatever the hell I want.

Suck on THAT, beyotch.


Anonymous said...

Not all people are brave. That doesn't make them sniveling little shits. It makes them human.

I went through a bunch or horrible experiences in high school and college that scared me off of being able to be honest in a relationship for YEARS. I was terrified of letting anyone see how I felt. I was successful at work, had lots of friends, went about my life - but I had NO IDEA how to act towards men. It took me a while to work my issues out, but now I'm married with three kids. Not all people are as confident right off the bat as you apparently are.

I understand that blog isn't everyone's cup of tea - different strokes - for example, I think the Twilight books are absolute dreck - but it seems really bizarre to be so ANGRY about it. The anger is the really bizarre thing.

And of course I'm anonymous. You seem to have rage issues, and I'm not stupid.

PrincessPi said...

Everyone responds to things differently. You had horrible experiences in high school and college, I have issues dating back that makes me angry about a lot. I bitch about shit on my blog because it helps me deal with my anger safely. It's not like I'm gonna jump on a plane from NYC all the way to Salt Lake City just to beat down someone for making their thoughts known on my blog. I harbor no ill will towards everyone. You're more than welcome to say what you want so long as it's not threatening. I just don't like people judging me without knowing me.