Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Everything should taste like bacon

You know, I haven't posted about the happiest meat on earth in a while, and I got the feeling that bacon was feeling a bit neglected. Well, I figured it was time to remedy that, so here's some bacon tidbits.

This here's an honest-to-goodness bacon topped pie from a bacon blog. I would totally eat that. For realz.

This is just a cute picture of the world's cutest meat from I Heart Bacon.

And remember my earlier post about the double-fatty melt, which is a burger sandwiched between two grilled cheeses? YUM!. Well, here's a bacon-double fatty melt. Holy moley, my tummy's a-rumblin'. From Bacon Unwrapped.

And finally, so everything really CAN taste like bacon: Bacon Salt. From Bacon Salt. (doy)

Now, I know that doesn't go very far to satisfy a bacon craving, and in fact may have exacerbated it. But those pics are oh-so-lovely.


Kate said...

Bacon makes everything better. Thank you for the tribute to the meat I covet most.