Friday, October 31, 2008


I really hate repeating myself, but it seems it's warranted, unfortunately.

Living in the United States affords us certain liberties, among which is the freedom of speech. It's a freedom I greatly appreciate and use to its fullest extent. I understand that not everyone will agree with what I am saying, and furthermore, I agree that some people may even think me not a good person.

Fine. Whatever.

I publish ALL comments because I believe in EVERYONE'S right to say what they want, and to have their opinions heard, even if I don't agree, or it hurts my feelings. I WOULD APPRECIATE THE SAME IN RETURN. Unfortunately, a certain gentleman believes that because I embrace this constitutional right of mine, I'm a nasty bitch whose parents don't love her.

Congratulations, Middle-Aged Man. I hope you're proud of yourself.

Among your comments to me, you've written:

...Now I understand why people think us New Yorkers are ASS-HOLES, and on top of it you are making Jewish people look bad too (my Nan would smack you if she could), but at least you don't have any visitors to care about what you have to say...

Your parents didn't love you did they?


I thought I would leave one more comment so you could get to ten for the first time. CONGRATS!

Even though I don't like posting anything insulting, I still did, didn't I? Because YOU, Mr. Middle Class, have the right to have your opinions heard, even in my teeny tiny little blog that no one but you apparently reads.

I didn't like someone else's blog. So what? You don't like my blog. So what? Walk away, home boy. No one invited you.


From henceforth, on the topic of my apparently nasty bitchiness, unless someone has a constructive comment for me, I will publish no more comments.

Welcome to the Blogsphere, Mr. Middle Class, glad to know you're willing to give everyone an equal chance at having their opinions heard. So long, of course, as they don't insult your friends or you.


Anonymous said...

i just want u to know that i love ur blog. don't let morons bother u. not many people have the balls to take criticism and u do.

Anonymous said...

I never erased your comments on my blog... so how did I attack your right to free speech?

It was that right that brought me to your blog in the first place. I disagreed with your take on someone's blog. How is voicing my opinion and allowing you to voice yours an attempt to stop you from your rights to free speech?

PrincessPi said...

Because you didn't voice your opinions on what I said, you attacked me personally. Saying my parents didn't love me? Not an opinion on what I said. Being condescending about the number of comments on my blog? Not an opinion on what I said.

Vickie said...

Its your blog and you can say what you want to.. say what you want to... *sung the the melody of "its my party"*

Electric Barbarella said...

OMFG, is he really not going to stop already????

P said...

i admire you for taking a stand on this. it's your opinion. you're standing up for it. good for you.

i don't have a problem with that other blog you refer to. hell, i even added it to my blogroll. although I suspected it was fake, it was still readable. i can understand why people would be annoyed about it though. i can't quite understand why people were upset by your comments though. you were just being honest.

that's my fifty cents on it anyway.