Saturday, October 4, 2008

To publish or not to publish

Update:The dude lives in Ozark, Missouri. Chances are he lives in his mom's basement because she continues to be her love toy. Which explains his anger towards women.
Beware visitor tracking software, dude. We can find you anywhere.

A while back I posted some old ads which portrayed women poorly. I mean, it was one of my first posts, and back then, I was figuring no one was really reading my blog. Honestly, back then, no one was. Don't get me wrong, not too many people faithfully read it now, except for an awesome few whom I greatly appreciate and lurve, but the majority of traffic that I get goes to a page I entitled "sexy ass math tattoo" because people google sexy ass and get me instead.
One of the issues I've struggled with since starting this blog is whether or not I should publish comments that offend me or piss me off. There've been a couple I wouldn't publish because they were just so ridiculously off point there was no reason to publish them. But then, this morning, I got a message in my in-box about this message from Obbop on that post to which I previously alluded.
Obbop said...

Just one more bit of proof of the need for the Females as Property Movement (tm) to be adopted nation-, society- and culturally-wide.

The vacuous females need to be protected from themselves along with society needing protection from females.

The dainty darlings do not have the required traits to be full-fledged members of adult society. Oh, sure, there are a very few exceptions and those very few capable females will be allowed full adult societal rights.

For the majority of other females, they will be happier if not forced to attempt to be what they are incapable of being; rational logical adults with all the rights, priveleges AND responsibilities of being a full-fledged adult.

Now, these statements made my ass twitch, quite honestly. And should someone in life had said this to my face, I probably would have ranted at them for a good twenty minutes before feeling better. So why publish?

Well, I have a couple different theories. 1) it's a woman writing with complete irony; 2) it's a troll trying to get a rise out of me; or 3) this douche bag really believes what he's saying. Honestly, I'm pretty sure it's number 3, although upon further review, I'm starting to see much evidence for number 2. On his blog, to which he linked (evidence in my view to #3), he calls himself a pundit, which is defined as someone who offers mass-media opinion, analysis or commentary on a particular subject area. (evidence in my view to #2). Furthermore, he has a poll on there as well: Do you answer blog polls? And wouldn't you know, 75% of the people who answered said no. (evidence to #2 or #1).

Either way, why not publish his bullshit? Do I agree with his statements? Absolutely not. Do I agree that he should be allowed to believe whatever the hell he wants? Dude, if he wants to be stupid, by all means.

If it is a troll: dude, you need to find a better use for your time and talents.

If it is a woman: very Twainish, if not cliched.

If it is a douche bag: this is why you live in your mother's basement.