Monday, October 6, 2008

Bill Maher...still a tool

Well, I went and saw Religulous this past weekend. I am not the biggest fan of Bill Maher, and nothing about this movie changed my mind. In fact, Bill Maher is kind of a dick. Nevertheless, I LOVED this documentary.
Maher went around the world talking to religious figures (a couple rabbi's, all of whom were crazy), a few preachers (all of whom were crazy), some politicians (all of whom were crazy), a couple ex-Mormons, a Muslim (kind of a nice guy), and a dude who plays Jesus (really batshit nutso).
What did I like about the movie? Well, it pretty much offends everyone, although he does pay particular attention to catholics. But he did a great job pointing out how STUPID religion can be. In particular, how stupid religious people can be.
Not wanting to give away too much of the hilarity, so please, for the love of god (snark snark) go see this. If it offends you, dude, you need to grow a set. If you hate Bill Maher, don't worry, there are some points where his dickishness is called out. You will not be disappointed.