Tuesday, October 14, 2008

On unnecessary testing and amnesia

Yesterday, I left work early in order to undergo an upper endoscopy. Ever since my gall bladder surgery two years ago, I've progressively had worse and worse reflux and regurgitation, which, while not as nasty as the nausea caused by my gall bladder, isn't very pleasant. I went to my GI doctor who decided to do this test on me to see if I had an ulcer or some sort of stricture that was making me sick.
Well, I got there and was brought in to the room. An IV was placed in my arm in order to administer the MAC (managed anesthesia care - where they knock you out but not enough to require an endotracheal tube), and I was informed that, prior to their putting me to sleep, I'd have to gargle an awful tasting anesthetic in order to supress my gag reflex. Unfortunately, I'm extremely sensative to nasty tastes, and therefore broke out in a cold sweat when the anesthesiologist told me this.
The doctors let me stew there with this news for a while, during which time I became increasingly nervous. Finally, when it was time to take the nasty crap, it wasn't too bad. Kind of tastes like liquid steroids.

That done, I was put blissfully to sleep, had a nice little thirty minute nap, and then woke up feeling a bit drunk.

I went back into the doctor's office afterward to discuss his findings. Apparently, before they'd moved me into the recovery room, we'd already discussed everything because I had professed my lucidity; I remember none of this. All in all, there's nothing wrong with my stomach or my esophagus, and I'm doing a-okay. Although I do have some stomach polyps, as you can see above, but they're apparently not as much of a harbinger of danger as colon polyps are.

So woozy was I that it didn't occur to me until I got home that, since the test was negative, we still don't know what's causing my reflux or regurgitation.

The moral of the story? I dunno...I just wanted to post pics of my innards on my blog. Enjoy!