Friday, October 17, 2008


Oddly, I've noticed that Decida is the most common keyword search that connects to my blog. Lots of people looking to figure out what it is, so, here ya go.
A Desida (proper spelling) scan, also known as a HIDA scan, or a Hepatobiliary scan, is used to determine the functionality of the gall bladder and/or liver. You'll get an IV of two medications, one to light up your gall bladder like a Christmas Tree (technetium-99) and another to make your gall bladder contract (Kinevac). Side effects of the medication? They may make your groin hot. Deal with it. As the gall bladder contracts, the machine will watch the radioactive chemicals they injected into you to see how easily and quickly they get processed.
NOTE: If this test comes back negative, that doesn't necessarily mean you're not sick. Don't let the doctors tell you that there's nothing wrong with you. Acalculus colocystitis (jacked gall bladder WITH NO STONES) will show a negative test. My test was negative. All my tests were negative. I still went ahead with the surgery and ya know what? I'm all better now.
Jackass doctors.


Cheasty said...

you are a medical wunderkind, princess pi. is there NOTHING you don't know about? :)

Anonymous said...

As a medical editor, of course! I honed straight into your site, looking for what I thought I heard.. Decida! Argh! thinking I would never figure this out..and there you are, on, w/ my answer AND a break from my tedious job. Awesome. Happy New Year! You Rock!! Love, Rose