Thursday, April 3, 2008

On Weddings...

Today was NYC's big Wedding Showcase. A young woman who calls herself Super Slut, a confirmed bachelorette, posted a review of the showcase on I was especially impressed by the last paragraph of her review:

So, did going to the Weddings Showcase change my mind about having a big special day of my own? I mean, I doubt I'll ever find that kind of money to spend on getting my idiot friends drunk for one night. (Especially when Jell-O shots with Georgi vodka tend to do the trick quite well.) But my motto in life is never say never, because I always said I'd never have anal sex, and well, now sometimes I do. So maybe one day, I'll suddenly decide I want to spend my life with one person and have a big open bar party to celebrate that. Hey, it couldn't hurt much more than getting fucked in the ass.

Not that I agree with her, but heh.