Sunday, April 27, 2008

I love you, I HATE you, I love you, I HATE you

I took this off BF's IM. This chick was IMing him. I laughed.

Chick (8:48:26 PM): U there
BF(8:48:31 PM): what
Chick (8:49:11 PM): Oh nothing r u ok should I delete you
Chick (8:49:31 PM): R u not my friend anymore
Chick (8:50:24 PM): Tear
Chick (8:50:34 PM): Should i
BF (8:50:54 PM): i'm playing something right now and can't talk
Chick (8:51:28 PM): Ohhhh lol ok hit me up whenever buddy

Holy crap. I'm crazy, but this puts me to shame. Maybe I'll share my meds with her.