Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The MTA hates awesome old ladies

So today, I decided to take the M98 bus home, because quite honestly, sometimes I just don't feel like being sardined into a boiling hot, stinky subway car. The M98 isn't much better, but at least it's outdoors, and it usually empties out before the long express run from 125th to 179th. But I digress...

There was this little old lady sitting in the back of the bus with her walker. She was in one of the handicapped seat, and it's up to the bus drivers to help these people on and off of the bus via a lift. The little old lady decides she wants off, and starts screaming, "Bus driva'! Bus driva'! I wanna git owf da bus!" in her little old bronx accent, bless her heart. The bus driver, being employed with the MTA, doesn't give a rat's ass, and doesn't come back to help her. Everyone starts yelling at him, until the back door opens. The little old lady stands up, screams "Ah, fuck you, too," to the driver, hefts her walker (which had to weigh as much as she did) aloft and clambers down the bus's back steps, which are higher and deeper than normal steps.

That little old lady was awesome.