Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Look Closely...

All righty (yes, that's right, all right is 2, count 'em TWO words. It's NOT alright. Just ask the SAT Prep book, thank you very much)...what was I saying? Oh right, all righty, folks, it's science time.

Summertime is known for a vast increase in insect population. Not all bugs are nasty, though. Or, are they? The following closeups are taken with electron microscopes.

Here we have a pretty butterfly. How many of these things have you held?

But close up...

That there spiral thingy is the butterfly's tongue. It's licked you.

And here we have a pretty sphinx moth.

But close up...

That there curly thingy, that there is the moth's tongue. Its tongue. Imagine how long that thing is when unfurled. Think about that next time one is flying at your lamp or comes flying out of the closet.