Monday, April 28, 2008

American Cultism...

During lunch, my coworkers and I got into a discussion about that Polygamist cult in Texas, and how the 416 children there needto be placed in homes. I got to thinking: besides the fact that all these children were spawned by a handful of men, are the Polygamists that much different from the Amish? They all dress alike, they're all made to get up at the butt crack of dawn, they all spend their days doing chores and being home-schooled, they all concentrate on religion and they all have minimum contact with the outside world, thereby creating their own subculture. The Amish don't have their children taken from them, though. Why is that? I mean, besides the polygamist thing?

Just a thought.


crazy cat monkey said...

im so glad we dont live like that. although i feel like sometimes baba is trying to make mom and i join a stupid turkish cult. where all we do is make him coffee and rice and tend to his every needs.