Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Where is Bob?

Here, my friends, is a fabulous blog for anyone who works in an office in which resides someone of managerial stature who DOESN'T DO THE JOB FOR WHICH HE/SHE WAS HIRED. The blog is called Where is Bob? I love this blog. I love it so much. As it's only got five entries thus far, I do so hope it continues. Here are a couple exerpts:

From: Bob Bossman
To: Anna Shore
Anna,I am running late. Something must’ve happened to my alarm clock. I had a crazy party at my apartment last night with some artist friends of mine, and we got totally drunk! You know what I mean. Anyway, stall the Jira people for as long as you can, I am on my way.
Peace out,Bob Bossman, Executive Director

As we later found out, the drunken debauchery with sexy artist friends was in fact an all night Magic the Gathering tournament at a downtown comic book shop, where Bob was sighted by one of our interns. The terrible headache was probably real. The intern reported that Bob took a serious beating from a 12-year old boy, and left the scene distraught, his mana depleted.

Awesome. So totally and utterly awesome. Check it out.