Friday, August 29, 2008

Literature Review

I just finished this book last night. The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson, was AMAZING. I was a little worried about the reviews, because most of them said that the book was really difficult to get into, and when I can't get into a book within the first chapter, I usually give up. This book? So didn't turn out to be a problem.

So the main character, whose name we never learn, is a porn mogul who gets into a car accident when driving while drunk and high on cocaine. His car goes off a cliff and bursts into flames, incinerating the vast majority of his body, including his penis.

While in the hospital, recovering from his burns, he contemplates suicide, as due to the accident, he's lost everything. Then, one day, psych patient Marianne shows up at his bedside.

Clearly delusional, Marianne explains that she's hundreds of years old, and that she'd known him in his former lives. She cares for him, and tells him of his previous lives. Although crazy, she's a brilliant sculpturess of gargoyles. Then, one day, she's told that she only has a limited number of gargoyles left to carve, and then she'll die.

Sounds weird, I know. But, honestly, it's a great story about overcoming one's self, and living for someone else.

I cannot recommend this book enough. It kept me entertained, hooked, but it was a nice, leisurely read.

I think I'd give this book a 9.5 out of 10.

Read it. Honestly.