Friday, August 29, 2008

I get it

Lots of people said they'd never vote for Hillary 'cause she's a woman (and they're small-minded assholes). But lots of people said they would vote for Hillary. Obviously. One has to wonder, though, if some of these people are voting for her because she's the best candidate, because she's a demcrat, or because she's a woman.

Well, if people won't vote for her becuase she's a woman, then obviously it follows that some people will vote for her because she's a woman.

Now that that train has left the station, a bunch of Hillary supporters haven't yet boarded with Obama. I believe McCain thinks it's because these voters are specifically looking for a vagina to be in office. Hence, his selection of VP: Sarah Palin.
She's the current governor of Alaska. She was a sports reporter and former beauty pageant contestant. An obvious choice for putting a vagina into office, if not for her political beliefs.

However, how is she going to reconcile with her political party? She's known for pushing ethics in politics. She's known for being independant from oil companies. You know what...I think the republican party wrote her wikipedia entry to make her more attractive to Hillary's orphans.

Some sticking points for the geek in me? SHE THINKS WE SHOULD TEACH CREATIONISM IN SCHOOLS. As in God created man and the world in 7 days. Uh, sure, honey. Furthermore, she opposes same-sex marriages, but defends her beliefs by saying "I have gay friends". Alaska has actually passed a constitutional ban on gay marriage, and she supports a United States constitutional amendment on the topic.

Really? Is gay marriage right up there with women's' suffrage and black and white people being equal? Freedom of speech and whatnot? Regardless of her marriage stance, she blocked legislation that would have barred same-sex couples from receiving benefits. However, I don't believe she did it out of personal beliefs, but because she was advised heavily that such legislation would be unconstitutional.

My favorite Palin scandal? Apparently, the commissioner of public safety was dismissed by her. Why? Because he allegedly refused to fire a certain state trooper. A state trooper who was divorcing Palin's sister and battling for custody of their child. She's being investigated for abuse of power.

Hmmm. Overall verdict? I'm still not voting for McCain, despite his running-mate's ownership of a uterus.