Monday, August 25, 2008

Stephanie Meyer's Hollywood aspirations

Homegirl Vickie commented on one of my recent posts where I reviewed the latest offering from Stephanie Meyer. She wondered whether I would be seeing Ms. Meyer's Hollywood debut: Twilight, the movie.

Well, I spoke about it previously, and back then I was actually looking forward to it. I was somewhat embarassed over my obsession with these young adult novels, but who cared, you know? I wanted to see Edward and Bella in the flesh. Looking back now, I see that the reason I wanted - needed- to do so was because I had no clear picture of either of them in my head. No one really does. Yeah, Edward has auburn hair and skin that sparkles like diamonds. Yeah, Bella has chocolate eyes. Anything else? Nope. So basically everyone has been left to their own devices.

So, yes, I will see Twilight, the movie. I will withhold my opinion until I've given it a fair shot. Only once have I ever seen a movie that lives up to the hype of the book (The Princess Bride), but I have hope. Maybe the movie will calm the gnawing annoyance I've had with Ms. Meyer recently.

We shall see.