Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Legos as fine art

Legos (or Lego, for the anal-retentive) were an integral part of my childhood. Many believe that play with legos as children help kids to develop their visual-spacial skills, which are key in understanding geometry when they're older. For me, I just enjoyed building two-story houses.

An artist, Nathan Sawaya, takes Legos to a whole other level.

Mr. Sawaya makes things out of legos. People removing their own heads, maps, globes, hands, money, recreations of paintings by the masters. And what's really cool? He'll take ideas from fans on what he should do next. Really. You can submit your idea here, at What Should Nathan Make?
He did an awesome portrait of Stephen Colbert, everyone's favorite repubican* (of course, he'll always be the closeted English teacher from Strangers with Candy to me).