Monday, August 18, 2008

Rocks my world

Good morning, ya'll. How's your morning going? Mine, not so good. See, a while back, we did this study on the effects of antidepressants on semen parameters (specifically the health and quantity of sperm), and had a bunch of patients come in, do several semen analyses, all while on an antidepressant. Now, a year later, the study is over, and one of the patients is STILL emailing me, inviting me to dating websites. This patient used to show up in our waiting room - without having an appointment - and use our computer to check dating websites for six hours. I've had to kick him out twice. And since then he keeps emailing me, even after I've asked him to stop. I have my very own creepy stalker.
So, to cheer myself up, I bought myself this nice little specimen of tourmaline. It's a crystal I don't yet have in my collection, and look forward to receiving it in the mail. It didn't quite cheer me up like I thought it would, but it's definitely a start.
I hate being a grown-up.