Thursday, August 7, 2008

thank GAWD

I live in NYC, so, needless to say, I am bombarded with a fair share of 9/11 conspiracy theories. I cannot describe how at my end I am with these frickin' so-called "truthers".

Johnny Wright over at YesButNoButYes puts forth a very logical, well thought out, intelligent rebuttal to the inane rantings of people like Alex Jones (about whom just thinking makes my eye twitch).

"How many people do you crackpots think could be in on this? With absolutely no concrete evidence, this is one thing that kills these paranoid delusions. Three people can keep a secret. If two of them are dead. If you listen to these idiots, there would be the White House staff, government officials, explosives experts, explosive manufacturers, pilots, people planting bombs, Pentagon employees, Saudi's, Jimmy Hoffa, military officials, the cast of Lost, CIA, FBI, Secret Service, salvage companies, do I really need to keep going? When we talk about hypothetical "impossibilities," here's mine; No group that large can either keep a secret or not leave a paper trial or a money trail or a trail of breadcrumbs."

This long article has rebuttals for every single argument made by those truther weirdos.

Now, don't think that I believe in the innocence of my government. I do not agree with the Iraq war, or torture, and I am completely of the opinion that the dullard currently in office will try to come up with an excuse in the end of October to indefinitely postpone the next presidential election, but come ON. Nixon secretly bombed Laos, what makes these people think that if America wanted to go to war and kill some people, they would need an excuse? Eh?