Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thursday Morning Awesomeness

This morning, I got out of my apartment a wee bit late. I got down to the subway, which was just arriving. I got on, but didn't get a seat, which is fine, so I stood at the pole and read. The train was moving really slow, so I was convinced I wasn't going to get to work on time. Between 125th street and 59th, I look up and see this spanish woman sitting there, staring at me with such loathing. After glaring at me, she looks away, shaking her head. Needless to say, I was a bit confused. I didn't know the woman, didn't recognize her whatsoever, but throughout the remainder of the ride, caught these glances a few more times. We both got off the train at 59th street, and went our separate ways. So I thought. I got to the bus stop at 57th street, and lo! thar she was. Sligthly unsettled from running into her again, I was placated by the fact that she was wearing a black pant suit, a white shirt, and really, really, aweful, ugly, brown loafers. Therefore I figured that she was just projecting her bitterness at her inability to follow basic dressing rules to those around her.

Once on the bus, I got a seat and resumed reading. It was an uneventful bus ride, until we reached E 57th and 2nd Ave. There was a traffic cop in the middle of the intersection, directing traffic against the light. Oh, how that woman danced, bopping up and down, swinging her hips back and forth. It made me smile. I looked around at my fellow passengers, and they were all, also smiling. It was nice to see New Yorkers not look bitter and resentful for once.

At the stop at E57th and 1st ave, a little girl of about maybe 6 gets on the bus with her nanny. She sits in the seat across from me, grips her Beanie Baby Bunny with both hands by the throat, and let loose with a high-pitched, maniacal laugh. Truly, it chilled me to the bones.

Not really.

Then I got to work. On time, thank you very much. I went to the cafe to get my bagel and cream cheese, and got stuck in line behind an older woman who'd had a really bad face lift (especially around the mouth - it looked like an invisible person had stuck their fingers in the sides of her mouth and pulled back towards her ears). She first complained about the price of the coffee - $1.85. Then she tried to pay with a $50 bill. When the cashier refused to take it since she didn't have change, the woman told her that she should get change, and why couldn't she have someone bring it to her. Finally, the woman opened her wallet and sorted through what turned out to be a massive wad of $5 bills, took her $50, exchanged it for a $5, and then complained that now she wouldn't be able to get home.

Now I'm at my desk, answering the questions of all who call.

Such is life.