Tuesday, July 15, 2008

the coolest doctor EVER

Recently, we've had this Fellow (a doctor still in training - somewhere between a resident and an attending) shadowing my boss during his clinic hours. The Fellow is from the IVF department, and he's just trying to learn what a male infertility practice does. For the sake of argument, and because I don't want to keep calling him the Fellow, I am henceforth going to be calling him Dr. Cool.

Dr. Cool first came to visit last week. He showed up on time, like a good little doctor in training. He's relatively short, about 5'6", with black hair he's gelled into a faux-hawk. His tie was loose and the top button of his oxford shirt undone. He was wearing patent leather black shoes with pointy toes. And he had popped the collar of his lab coat. Oh, how he had popped the collar of his lab coat. Tell me, how much confidence would that inspire in you, a patient, when you are examined by a doctor who POPS HIS COLLAR?

Anyhoo, Dr. Cool came back today to visit with us again, and not only is he dressed similarily, but I caught a view of his socks. Black socks with NEON POKADOTS. Blue, yellow, green. All about an inch in diameter. Professional, no?

And what's his excuse? Does he have an excuse for dressing like a hipster, but without any sense of irony whatsoever? Apparently, the fact that he's French, from Paris, is his excuse. Apparently the young generation of doctors over there are all irony-lacking hipsters.

I wonder if being the chief of the department comes with a formal trucker-cap. Or Buddy Holly-style glasses.