Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Dum Dum for Monkey

Recently, my little sister Monkey came to spend a week with me in NYC, and prior to her visit, I had her make a list of various things she'd like to do. I told her, however, that I would not go to a) the Empire State Building, b) Rockefeller Center, c)the Statue of Liberty, d) the Chrysler Building or e) Times Square.
Monkey came up with the following things: she wanted to eat at a good sushi restaurant, she wanted to buy designer clothes, she wanted to get make up at Sephora, she wanted to meet my coworkers, and she wanted to see Dum Dum (from Night at the Museum) at the Museum of Natural History.
We got out to see Dum Dum, and of course, the museum was PACKED with tourists. Everyone wanted their pictures taken with the cast of the Easter Island Head.
Currently, the museum has an exhibit of photos taken throughout its history of their displays and exhibits being created. Here we have Dr. Shapiro and Dr. Clark with the cast of the head in December of 1935. Don't they look doctorey?
See more preparation photos here.


mercurial scribe said...

LOL. I like your sister already. I'd send her this if we were friends: http://www.iwantoneofthose.com/kitsch-daft/big-maoi-tissue-dispenser/index.html