Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Would you like some cheese with your whine?

From Gawker: Mega-popular Twilight series author Stephanie Meyer has put on "indefinite hold" the last installment of her teen vampire books because a draft was leaked to the Internet. She is too sad about the leak to continue.

Uh, dude, if the last installment is what I think it is: Twilight from Edward's perspective, I'm pretty sure she leaked herself. She had a whole bunch of chapters on her website from before this book was in the works for publication.

I'm just saying, she's got a best-selling series for which people go to parties. She's not exactly on par with Harry Potter, but she's not far behind. The last installment of the Potter series was leaked on the internet, but that didn't stop Rawling from publishing. Meyer's gonna whine that a draft got leaked? And then pout and refuse to publish? Come on. Quit your bitching and be grateful.

Fucking diva.