Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fine. I admit it. I was wrong.

Yeah, fine, the world didn't end. I can admit when I'm wrong. But just because the LHC didn't create a sustainable black hole this time, doesn't mean it won't in the future.

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Cheasty said...

what?! clearly I haven't been following ALL the news. there are no black holes anymore? what happened to them? went the way of pluto, eh?

PrincessPi said...

No, no, see the Europeans spent BILLIONS of dollars building this device called the large hadron collider. It's basically a ginormous (as in miles long) particle accelerator. They're basically trying to recreate the beginning of the universe, or, in other words, the Force. Opponents have claimed that there's a chance the LHC will create a sustainable black hole, which would implode the earth.

I've been convinced the turning on of the LHC would kill us all. I was wrong.

For now...

Cheasty said...

ah, i see. man, the crazy things people think up to try out... so there are still black holes out there after all. my mind is at ease.

Tony said...

Some papers say the experiment is a success. Wrong. Experiment hasn't begun yet. They've just turned on the machine, and at low power. It's like pre-heating an oven, which doesn't mean dinner's ready.

Many papers react with relief -- not really serious -- that Earth is still here. That's because some kook suggested that this machine will create a black hole and destroy the planet. Not going to happen, but it got some coverage, and now lots of papers are saying, "Phew, we're still here." There's one problem in that: the business of smashing protons together, which was allegedly going to create a black hole, hasn't begun yet. Won't start for weeks. So even the joke is misplaced.

Good luck.