Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hehe...he said "epiglottis"

Ever since Bush's reelection, I've been saying that he's gonna try to find some reason to postpone the next election so he can stay in office longer. Now, it looks like McCain is starting to dip his toes in that water.
John Scalzi, science fiction writer and author of the blog Whatever, posted recently on John McCain.

[McCain] "also suggests we cancel (or, “delay”) the presidential debate on Friday, and maybe the VP debate next week. You know, just to be sure we’re all focused on the economy, instead of, frivolous things, such as the fact that John McCain apparently hasn’t had a useful thought about the national economy since he married a heiress, and that Sarah Palin can’t be trusted to extemporize about damn near anything without appearing like she’s stuffing her conservative-yet-stylish pumps far enough down her throat to alarm her epiglottis. "
For reals, McCain? Honestly, the only scary thing that's been happening on Wall Street has been that rich people are losing their money. I am not rich. Do you see me panicing? Banks are FDIC insured, so I'm not worried about my life's savings disappearing.
Relax people, rich dudes feeling an economic pinch is good for them. It builds character.