Thursday, September 25, 2008

MTA Undercover Agent Strikes Again!

So, I've said in the past that the MTA subtly and cleverly place agents throughout their transit system with the sole purpose of driving me nucking futs. Today was no exception.

The subway arrives, I go to step on, and a child, a seven year-old, adorable little girl, followed by her doting mama (or grandmama, I couldn't tell) literally shoves me out of the way with her little toothpick arms, runs to a seat, sees where I'm gonna sit, changes her mind, shoves me out of the way AGAIN and sits in my seat. "DUDE!" I exclaim, completely taken aback, and look over at (grand)mama. Laughing, she said, "Say excuse me."

Since living in NYC, I've encountered numerous children with a complete and utter lack of manners, but this is the first time I've ever felt like confronting the offending parent about it.

Touche, MTA, touche.