Monday, September 22, 2008

True Blood - the saga continues

Can I just say, I miss the real Sookie. The one who's not afraid of vampires per se, just of their nasty quirks, and I definitely miss the real Bill, who isn't a whiney, fake angsty dude with a bad haircut. I hate knowing what's about to happen, and when it happens, it's so disappointing. Yeah, Sookie finds Dawn's body, but not like that. And dude, Tara and Sam sleeping together? In the book, did they even know each other? And Jason taking vampire blood? I see how they're going to try to go off on a tangent here, straying from the original story a bit, which I can appreciate, being so tired as I am of knowing everything that's about to happen, but shouldn't they have Rene in more of the scenes, especially since he plays such a HUGE ROLE in the murders?
I just hope the series picks up the pace a bit.