Monday, September 29, 2008

True Blood follow up

For real, I think I just give up by this point.

See, I believe that if you're going to tell a story that already exists and that with which people are already familiar, you stick with it. If you want to change around characters and their associations with one another, make up a new story. 'Cause, dude, what they're broadcasting, it's just pissing me off.
And I know I can't be the only one.


Vickie said...

Hey girlie girl
I just started watching this show, and NOT having read the book, I love it. Based on your honest opinion, should I continue to live in ignorant bliss or should I read the books and become disenchanted??


PrincessPi said...

Honestly, if you haven't read the books, then definitely stick with the show. The characters, such as they are, are pretty spot on.

I'm just looking forward to when they run out of previously written stories, so they start making up stuff.

Vickie said...

thanks, you just saved me like 100.00 bucks.. when I get start a series, I tend to go overboard and buy them all!!

PrincessPi said...

I made that mistake once, with LA Bank's vampire huntress series. Looked good. Very Anita Blake. It was quite possibly the most HORRIBLY written story I'd read in quite some time. Forced myself through the first installment, then donated the others to Strand. That's right, I didn't even sell them, I donated them. Here's a sample: Fangs ripped through " her gums were giving horrible birth" or some such.

Learned my lesson with that one, let me tell you.