Thursday, September 18, 2008

This made me want to cry

A while back I watched a documentary about a polar bear. It couldn't get to any huntable food, so it was attacked walrus'. Of course it couldn't kill a walrus, 'cause those fuckers are huge. So, when it ran out of energy, it laid down at the edge of where the walrus herd (pod?) was gathered, roared, then died of starvation. It was the most depressing thing I'd ever seen.

Until this. It's a Portuguese PSA about global warming, and it made me want to cry. And hug a bear, monkey and a kangaroo...not necessarily all at once or in that particular order.

Yes, I am aware that some people don't believe global warming is actually happening. Believe what you want. But you can't argue that carbon emissions are good for the atmosphere, so those people can go suck it.

link via Neatorama


Cheasty said...

hear, hear. can't watch video feed on the wimpy signal down here, but i'll save this to my to do list.