Thursday, September 18, 2008

Evil Villain Holds World Hostage

I never thought it would actually be possible. Nor did I think that anyone actually thought this way. But should someone, Dr. Evil perhaps, decide that they wanted to hold the world hostage for one hundred billion dollars, there's actually a way to do it.

After the doomsday machine, the Large Hadron Collider, was successfully "tested", and by tested I mean they sent a couple protons zooming through the chamber without actually accomplishing anything, they, of course, celebrated. Whilst celebrating, hackers actually hacked into the LHC system, and WERE ONE STEP AWAY FROM OBTAINING CONTROL OF THE DEVICE!!! Did you hear me? Someone can hack into the LHC to control it. Had they activated the LHC, they could have created that black hole I've been talking about, killing us all.

I wonder how W would have handled that one, eh?

The hackers, of course, defended their actions by saying that they were attempting to point out the security flaws in the LHC's system, and not, as I believe, doing it to just see if they could.