Monday, June 9, 2008

I definitely wanna go to that college

I just had an extremely intellectually invigorating conversation with a chat-rep from CUNY Online (City University of New York).

tamara: Welcome to CUNY Online Baccalaureate live chat.
tamara: How may I help you?
Vanessa: Hi, I actually already have a BA
Vanessa: I'm looking to take an online statistics course
Vanessa: something to just refresh my memory, but so that I can accumulate credits
Vanessa: is something like that available through you?
Vanessa: hello
tamara: We do offer stats but onlu during the fall and spring semesters. In order for you to part tatke, you would have to be fully matriculated.
tamara: Hellow
Vanessa: so there are no online classes available for non-matriculated students?
tamara: Non matriculated students can participated only during the summer session.
tamara: We offer one summer session. THis current session we are not offering stats.
Vanessa: all right
Vanessa: thank you for your help
tamara: Thank you for your interest in the CUNY Online Baccalaureate Program. Please do not hesitate to contact us again.

Brilliant, no? I'll definitely be sending my children to this college. This is supposed to be one of the better colleges in NYC.

Now my brain hurts again.