Monday, June 9, 2008

My Remarkable-Unremarkable Weekend - Part 6

So Sunday rolled around and I didn't really want to leave. The garden was looking mighty pretty and lush. I made rice krispie treats and we tried out this recipe I found online for making the Friday's Jack Daniel's Glaze. Boy, was that recipe spot on. Our steaks were yummy. Unfortunately it was still unGodly humid outside, so we had to eat in the comfort of the airconditioned kitchen, but it did start to thunder and rain. It got a wee bit cooler.

Our neighbor from down the street moved out about a month ago. The new owner hasn't moved in permanently yet, so I go over occasionally to check on the wildlife in the pond. This little frog just floated there, staring at me, not really giving a hoot how close I got to him with my camera.

Then I fed the koi and they were happy. They've gotten really big, and not one of them has died since last year.

Then, as the BF and I were on the way back to NYC, we looked out the window and saw a kick-ass sunset.

What a great weekend.