Monday, June 9, 2008

My Remarkable-Unremarkable Weekend - Part 5

So after we left the goosepond, the BF and I just drove around for a while. The sky was looking mighty pretty, so I took a pic.

I was enjoying myself, even though there's no air-conditioning in the jeep right now. At least it was shady, and the windows were open and the wind was in my hair. I had new rocks and fossils, and was with my honey bun. Life's good.

Then I saw a cow. I lurve cows, because from cows comes cheese, and I loooooooove cheese. My favorite is mozzarella, which, granted, is supposed to come from buffalo, but I'm just such a fan of dairy, despite the fact that I'm completely lactose intolerant. The most tasty things are well worth the resultant gas, I say.

We went by the wake-board pond and lo! there be the geese who were conspicuously absent from the goosepond. All with fam in tow. Very sweet.

And then the sky got even prettier.