Friday, March 28, 2008

Venting...buyer beware

I have this weakness, see. I like rocks. I've been collecting them since kindergarten. Literally. As I've grown, my tastes have matured to the point where I buy the majority of my specimens on eBay. In the beginning of January, I purchased a specimen of red vanadinite crystals on barite. I paid for it using paypal immediately upon winning the auction. For all the other items I had won, I was contacted by the seller within a couple days. With this seller, I didn't receive any contact. A week went by, no contact, no rock. I started to get worried. I emailed the seller, no response. I emailed her again, no response. I requested her phone number from ebay and called her, leaving a voice mail. No response. Called her and emailed her again later that week, no response.

Another week goes by, still no communication from the seller. I figured this asshole has just taken my money and run. I contacted paypal and opened a dispute to either get my damn rock, or get my money back. STILL NO FRICKIN' RESPONSE.

End of January rolls around, and finally, my rock arrives. I close the dispute with paypal and leave a neutral rating on the seller's profile, because while she was a shitty seller, the rock was nice.

Fast forward two months. The seller leaves a neutral rating on my feedback in mid-March. "Impertinent" is the entire feedback. How is that fair? Was it impertinent to call, email and dispute a seller that didn't contact the person who bought an item? What the hell kind of service is that?

Anyhow, the seller's ID is netfrogmedia_com. She lives in Texas. Avoid her at all costs.

She can just stab herself in the ear with a sharpened pencil.