Sunday, March 23, 2008

A little compassion, please is one of my very favorite websites ever. I have learned more there than probably from all my classes put together my first semester in college. A recent article published on the website paralleled my situation a couple years ago, but one of the comments to the article hit such douche bag proportions, that I'm kind of left at a loss for words.

This woman who was recently out of college had a difficult time getting a steady job. I can relate - the job market is tough. She had her student loans through Sally Mae - a private lending firm. After she graduated, they wanted her to make $400 a month payments, which, honestly, is outrageous for someone right out of college. They've threatened to garnish her wages, and frightened her so badly, that she's changed her phone number so they couldn't contact her. Now that she's gotten a steady job, and has had to it four months, and is ready to start making payments on her student loan - just not $400 a month - she wants to speak with them about arranging income-based payments, but is afraid to contact them for fear that they'll either make her pay the full amount per month, or garnish her wages.

This is the comment that got posted:

"Why do we place such an incredibly large financial burden on those who are going to significantly help the economy"

Apparently not so much in her case, since she can't even get a decent job. Lenders ought to ask about the student's major before lending the money.

by jimv2000.

How does he know what her situation is. And lenders ought to ask majors before lending? So, what, no loans for liberal arts majors? How does he know she's not pre-law?

Anyway, if you'd like to email him to bring to light his immense douche baggery, he can be reached at


Cheasty said...

wow, what a completely grody thing to say. glad you called him out on it!