Friday, February 22, 2008

Playground, after school! You're dead!

In third grade, a girl named Ismari told me to meet her in the playground after school so she could beat me up. She didn't like me. Apparently, my hair and clothes grossly offended her. Anyhoo, that was pretty much the last time anyone threatened to harm me.

Until today.

After lunch, I felt like my kidneys were trying to climb out up through my throat, so I decided to take advantage of our staff bathroom, which, I must say, is quite lovely. It has flowers on the counter. That's what you get for working with thirty other women.

I go to the bathroom, knock on the door.

"Someone's in here," come an unfamiliar voice from inside. All right, I think, it's either a temp or it's a patient. Either way, I'll go back to my desk and wait for her to get out.

As I'm walking away, I hear her say, "Um, what was I saying? Oh yeah..."

I couldn't believe it. Some bitch was in there, using the bathroom, the only staff bathroom, as an office for a phone call.

I went back to my desk, stopping on the way to ask my manager if she thought it was out of line if, when I go back to see if she's still in there, to say that if she's not using the bathroom for evacuative purposes, she should vacate so that others may use it for which it was intended. My manager said I was absolutely within my right to say this, so, ten minutes later, when I still hadn't seen the stranger come out, I went over and knocked on the door again.

"Someone's in here," she said again.

"If you're not using the bathroom to go to the bathroom, you should vacate so that those who need it can use it," I inform her.

"Do you know what I'm doing in here?"

"Yeah, I heard you on your cell phone earlier."

"I'm using the bathroom to make an important phone call."

Okey dokey. I went back to my desk and sat down to wait.

Ten minutes later, I hear the bathroom door open and one of the temps from one of the other doctor's offices comes walking by. It's the temp from one of the other doctors. She stops at my desk and stares at me.

"Was that you knocking on the door?" she demanded.

"Yes, it was," I reply.

"You were really rude," she informed me.

"Thank you,"I respond, smiling.

"If you wanna take this outside of work, I'll take this outside of work," she states, neck swaying with divaliciousness, side to side.

Message delivered, she sauntered back to her office down the hallway.

My manager, who happened to be standing right there, turned to me and asked, "What did she just say to you?"

I repeated the temp's statement.

"I'm going to say something," my manager reassures me, and commences to speak with several people, all of whom ask me to repeat what transpired.

Within twenty minutes, the temp's assignment has been terminated.

Now, I firmly believe in kharma. Somewhat hypocritically, since I have a difficult time believing in God, but I see nothing wrong in trying to do the right thing. I've been wondering since this transpired, is this going to count for, or against my kharma.

Oh, drama.


carymc said...

Good riddance. Stupid bitch. You were more polite than she deserved, but that's ok. She got hers.