Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday morning bacon

Browsing Etsy this morning. Found me some bacon products. Thought I'd share, because what says lovin' more than bacon?

This looks like chocolate, but it hides within its sweet interior bacony goodness. It contains:
Chocolate Covered Bacon: 8 pieces of super crispy, super bacony bacon, covered in your choice of milk or dark chocolate and very lightly sprinkled with sea salt

Bacon Caramels: 4 of our signature caramels, topped with a crisp piece of bacon and covered in your choice of milk or dark chocolate and a sprinkle of sea salt

Bourbon and Black Pepper Truffles: 2 dark chocolate truffles, spiked with Woodford Reserve(TM) bourbon and freshly ground black pepper, covered in dark chocolate

This is a painting of bacon. Who doesn't want a painting of bacon? That you can gaze upon while eating bacon?
And finally, a felted scarf that looks creepily like bacon. Imagine it. It's a freezing cold day outside, and your belly is stuffed full of pan-fried, salty, porky goodness. You wrap a faux piece of that salty, porky goodness around your neck, and lo! the scent of your breakfast lingers, to tantalize you throughout the day.

See...a bacon a day keeps gloominess at bay.

Or something like that.