Sunday, March 8, 2009

Walmart: Friend or Foe?

Greetings, all.

I just got back from grocery shopping at the super walmart upstate. Yes, it's obscenely late, but that's how I role. The bill came out to just over $300, which should last the BF and I about a month. Now, we haul our asses upstate once a month to do our grocery shopping, and our trip itself upstate totals at around $70, so BF and I got into a debate: would we save more money by doing our shopping in the city and applying the $70 trip money to our grocery budget?

Well, to answer my question, I went on Fresh Direct, which is how I like to do my grocery shopping in the city, since I've found their prices to be pretty much on par with the grocery stores, plus I can do my shopping in my underwear. Item by item, I went down our walmart list, and added each to the shopping cart. Then I clicked "Check Out". With tax and shipping (a reasonable $5), would you believe that my Fresh Direct bill came out to $498? Yes, that's right, I saved almost $200 by going to walmart.

So yes, walmart is an evil empire running mom and pop businesses to the ground, but dude, I'm poor, let me shop with the weirdos that come out in the middle on the night on Saturdays to do their grocery shopping. Where else can you buy a pork loin, a value package of hanes her way panties and car tires all at 1 am?