Friday, February 13, 2009

This gave me some pause...

So, it seemed like, in preparation for the upcoming Friday the 13th, all the crazies in NYC were out in full force yesterday. My therapist switched my medication from Remeron to Zoloft, and I went to the pharmacy to fill it, right? Well, my doctor had said I should take the medication in the morning, but the bottle it came in said may cause drowsiness, so I asked the pharmacist about it, because I can't take sleepy medicine in the morning, you know? So the pharmacist comes over, unshaven, ill-fitting lab coat, and says, "Yeah, I'm on it and it makes me really sleepy," and I'm thinking holy crap, this man dispenses my medication? And then I got on the bus to go to the subway, and this older woman gets on and she's wearing a knit hat and has a fur boa tied around her head like a birthday hat (under the chin) and she tried to pay her $2 fare with a $10 bill (bus only takes change or metrocards). And THEN, at the train station, this older gentleman, very dapper looking, in a navy, tailored, pin-stripe suit, was wearing a fluorescent blue bow tie and a cow boy hat.

It was an odd day. I'm glad today's Friday. I'm especially glad I don't have to work on monday.


Kate said...

I don't know if I would rather have your pharmacist or mine---she flits around like she's on speed.