Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Now I feel bad for my childhood longing to be a roustabout...

These are the best and worst jobs, as determined by Sarah Needleman of the Wall Street Journal. And I use the term "jobs" lightly. Really? Being a philospher is the twelfth best job? And what exactly does that job entail? Sitting around thinking about stuff? Who pays people for that?

My favorite entry, however, is #193: Roustabout. I just like the way that sounds: roustabout. Like someone whose job it is to be mischevous. Yes, I know it's a deckhand (I looked it up), but I still think it's a cool job title.
I was also kind of surprised that Lumberjack did so poorly, especially after Monty Python gave it such a glowing review.

Whatever. I was amused. It's a slow morning.