Monday, December 29, 2008

The deep dark hole into which I've disappeared

Where, oh, where have I been? Well, the holidays (the gift-giving ones, at least) have come and gone, and being the broke lady that I am, decided to make the vast majority of my gifts. This year, that meant embroidering seed beads onto fabric. Hundreds. Thousands. My fingers hurt. I think I have carpel tunnel. But it's done. I thought I might share some of the finished products with you.

(This isn't one of them; it's our tree)

This is a tree of life I embroidered onto some microfibre ultrasuade. I did this for one of my coworkers.

This is a sock monkey ornament I did for my sister. Because I call her Monkey.

This is a monkey I made out of polymer clay for my sister. Also because I call her Monkey. It's about 1.5 inches tall.

This is a Mario ornament. I didn't do it for anyone in particular. I was just testing my embroidery skills out. It was the first time I'd done anything in beads, and didn't want to waste time and energy attempting it if I wasn't any good.

This is an evil eye ornament I did for my step father. Unfortunately, you can't really see how vivid the colors of the beads actually are in this photo.

This is an art deco lady I did for another of my coworkers. It took about 25 hours. After I took this picture, I restretched the fabric so it's not so wrinkly. (you can click on the pic for a closer view)

This is a bird I did for my mom. It was supposed to be an ornament, but turned out too large, so I mounted it in a shadow box. It came out nice.

And finally, this is a bacon ornament. Because I lurve bacon.
So, that's it. Nothing special. Just wanted to share it with you.
Happy Holidays!!!


Cheasty said...

oh, those are gorgeous! adding "get a new hobby" to my new year's resolution list...

Kate said...

How fabulous! I particularly like the tree. Do you ever sell any of your work?

PrincessPi said...

Thank you for your compliments. I do sell my work when people ask. I don't usually get emotionally attached to anything I do and want to hold on to it. I like to think that they find good homes.