Sunday, June 8, 2008

My Remarkable-Unremarkable Weekend - Part 3

After the rock and mineral show the BF and I went to nearby Chester, NY to the Goosepond. Here's the walkway. Pretty, right?

But then, we were suddenly attacked by a horde of jumping bugs. They were everywhere. Everywhere. I cannot reiterate EVERYWHERE enough. There was cringing.

And here's the little bugger himself. Only about a quarter inch long, but they numbered in the thousands. Honestly. And they could JUMP.

Here's a different kind of bug that we saw there that didn't scare us quite so much. I like bees 'cause I lurve honey.

As we were leaving, we were discussing the attack of the jumping bugs. To illustrate a point, the BF pretended to jump like one of the bugs. There was much laughter.