Sunday, June 8, 2008

My Remarkable-Unremarkable Weekend - Part 1

So, this weekend was really nice. It was disgustingly hot, and various annoying things happened, but overall, it was really pleasant. So I've decided to do a six-part photo-journal chronicling my remarkable-unremarkable weekend. It all begins and ends with a sunset.

As we're rolling along, we enter the nasty-ass marshlands of New Jersey, and the train rumbles to a stop. Nothing to worry about, I figure, seeing as at least once a day on the NYC subway the trains rumble to a stop. I figure we'll be moving in just a minute. I look out the window and take another pic.

A couple minutes later the conductor comes on the loudspeaker and says the engine has completely shut down and that he had his engineers working on it and hopefully we'd be up and running in a couple minutes. Of course there are many loud groans on the train as well as many snarky, smart-ass comments from the small group of stock-brokers who'd met over beers at the bar and who had, of course, become instant BFF's and were ass-over-tea-kettle. I took another pic.

The conductor came back over the loud speaker and said there was no way the engine was going to get fixed, and that he'd radioed in to his supervisors back at Secaucus Junction and that they were sending out a rescue engine to tow us back to the station where they'd have "alternate equipment" waiting for us. I took another pic.

A half hour later the "rescue engine" arrived and took a good ten minutes to couple up to our train. The stock-brokers had by this point threatened to riot and to take hostages. They were calling it the e-train, because it'd get to its destination e-ventually. They thought they were hilarious.

We got to Salisbury Mills an hour after we were scheduled to arrive. I was cranky.